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“How Would You Like To Find An Easy Way
To Cut Through The Fog and Techno-Babble
And Get the Real Scoop In Plain Simple English on
How To Implement EMR In Your Practice?”

At Last! We've Made The Whole Process
of Choosing an EMR System and Implementing It
In Your Practice Simple and Understandable!

Dear Colleague,

Let me start off with something that isn’t news.

Can penny-pinching actually be hurting your EMR rollout? Read what Dr. Polack has to say about this pitfall in the book, Navigating the EMR Jungle.(graphics from our EMR Implementation Map)

The days of paper-based record keeping are gone for good.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems or not, the Federal Government has made clear its desire that medical practices start making “meaningful use” of certified EMR systems to promote easier transfer of patient information and improve medical care, or risk financial penalties.

So, NOT moving to EMR is no longer an option.

For some, this means a very welcome escape from the burden of dealing with paper records and all their associated storage, duplication, and retrieval challenges.

But for many – and you might be one of them – it’s a matter of the “devil you know” vs. the one you don’t.  

You didn’t enter medicine to become a systems analyst.  You want to heal, not deal with technical issues like networks, backups, and security.   But that’s what EMR means to you – an Extremely Messy Reality you didn’t ask for and now you have to deal with.  For example, here’s a small sample of the alphabet soup you find yourself drowning in:

EMR. EHR. EPM. PHR. ONCHIT. HIMSS. CCHIT. CITL. HTTPS. LANs. WANs. Fat Clients. Thin Clients. And on and on and on…

Could They Make This Any More Confusing?!

Even if you’re one-hundred-percent sold on the need to move to EMR, this mish-mash of technology terms is only a distraction from the very real, very ugly question facing you and every other doctor:

Where do I start?!

If you don’t make wise decisions right from the start, you could wind up wasting tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on systems that don’t work, causing major league efficiency and morale disasters with your professional staff.

So what’s a doctor to do? Where do you go for help?

Finally:  A Clear Way Out of the EMR Maze

My name is Peter J. Polack, MD, and I am a board-certified ophthalmologist practicing for over 14 years in both solo and group practices.

In addition to publishing several articles, abstracts, and papers, I’ve coauthored ophthalmology textbooks and write a regular column on technology and EMR for Ophthalmology Management Magazine.

I am a managing partner of an ophthalmology practice in north central Florida. Although it is only a medium-sized practice, it is considered to be in the top 2% of ophthalmic practices in the United States by Pinto and Associates, a leading practice management consulting firm.

Yes, we’ve been very successful.

And one of the foundations for our practice’s achievements is our successful integration of technology, including EMR. Not only has it improved the ease and accessibility of our patient records, but by managing the implementation process properly we were able to streamline several of our workflow processes, without affecting our bottom-line!

“Dr. Polack has always been on-target with providing valuable straight-forward information on EMRs and their implementations. This easy read book is no exception. It details what to expect or prepare for, warns of the common pitfalls to avoid and supports getting started!”
-- Poly A. Endrasik Jr., Green Smart Consulting LLC

Now obviously, I’m a big fan of EMR and the benefits that your practice will gain from these systems.

But let me be frank and up front with you...

You must NOT underestimate the challenges associated with the process of implementing an EMR system. You need to have a solid plan in place and constantly stay on top of things throughout the entire operation.

Over the past few years I’ve heard many horror stories from other doctors who have literally “lost their shirts” attempting to move their practice to an EMR.  The nightmares are many: software vendors who closed up shop before the system was finished; cost and schedule overruns that seemed to drag on to eternity;  and confusing, convoluted administrative systems that literally produced open revolt in the office!

It can be a real mess, let me tell you.

Discover what one thing you need to be concerned about when assembling your team
- pg 43 of Navigating the EMR Jungle

So that’s why I wrote my book, “Navigating the EMR Jungle: 10 Steps to Ensure a Proper EMR Rollout.”  

Written in plain, easy-to-understand English, I cut through the jargon to give you a very clear step-by-step process for getting the best results when you move your practice to EMR. 

No theory. No fluff.  Just simple, proven strategies that I’ve personally used with my own practice and with many others as well.

Do You Want to Avoid The Most Common and Costly Mistakes?

Of course you do.  That’s why I made sure to cover all of them in detail in my book “Navigating the EMR Jungle” – I wanted to make CERTAIN that you have all the tools you need for a successful EMR rollout. 

Here’s just a hint of what you’ll learn in my book:

  • All the reasons WHY you can't afford to sit on the sidelines any longer and you need to move to an EMR system right now!
  • What you need to know about moving from a paper-based system to a fully digital system, and why a "scanning solution" offers merely a short-term, stop-gap answer.
  • Why clearly laying out your goals for EMR can make the difference between success and failure.
  • The critical importance of identifying a Project Manager to manage the transition to EMR and the specific tools, skillsets, and qualifications such a person needs to have.
  • 7 Key elements that MUST appear in your EMR's Project Charter to ensure a smooth implementation.
  • How to make sure the core components of your office's technology architecture -cabling, security, electricity, cooling, networking -- will support and not sabotage your move to EMR.
  • How to make a wise decision in choosing whether to keep or totally abandon your existing Practice Management Software when moving to EMR.
  • Why you need to set up a security policy when moving to EMR, and the 9 key questions you have to answer to make certain critical patient data is kept safe.
  • The six key players/roles you need on your EMR Planning Committee and exactly the skillsets needed to ensure its success.
  • Why you need to identify a "Product Champion" for the EMR project, and the key steps that person needs to take from Day ONE to build momentum for a success.
  • Key questions you need answered by your EMR vendor before signing on the bottom line for a new system.
  • How to create a roll-out schedule and training plan for your new system -- making sure that not only does the system come online on time, but that your staff has the tools they need to use it with maximum effectiveness right from the get go.
  • And a whole lot more…


In this book, I cut through the murky morass of confusing acronyms, abbreviations, and gobbledegook techno-speak to provide clear, concise, easy-to-understand guidelines for exactly what you need to do in moving your practice to an EMR system. 

It identifies the key players today in EMR, what they do, and why they matter to you.  And I describe the costs, benefits, risks, and opportunities associated with moving to an EMR in your practice.

“If ever there was a “cookbook” on implementing an EMR system within a medical practice…this is it!  The size and specialty of the practice is immaterial.  What is important is that converting to EMR does not have to be the painful task that so many fear.  This book is based on practical experience and should be required reading for every physician and administrator, and will help in answering the basic question: How do I go about taking my practice to the next level?”
-- Robert Tilley, Practice Administrator, Ocala Eye, PA


 “Navigating the EMR Jungle” gives you 83 pages of insights, tips, and “need-to-know” instruction that will save

Beside cost and flexibility, Dr. Polack covers several other factors to consider when selecting an EMR system.

you countless hours and endless frustration. 

Available At Last!

If you practice medicine and are considering moving to EMR sometime in the near future, then you absolutely need to have this resource on your side.

Now, because helping other doctors is so important to me…

And because I believe so strongly in the power and effectiveness of EMR...

… I’ve made this book available for the incredibly low investment.  That’s for a full blown, printed, real book – not a download, a true physical book you can hold in your hands, mark up, and easily refer to again and again. (And if you prefer, we have a Kindle version as well)

“Witty and instructional, Dr. Polack's ten proven steps provides strategic guideposts to navigate through the EMR implementation process, from the evaluation, assessment, and planning stages through the critical pre-go-live and go-live steps.  Having designed training strategies for several complex EMR implementations, I can testify that the steps in this easy-to-understand guide are critical to EMR implementation success.”
--Tony Onorad, Strategic Training Consultant and Founder, OnoradSolutions, LLC

So order today.  Technology changes quickly and you need to have this resource – packed with the latest information on the topic – on your side as you make decisions for tomorrow.


Peter J. Polack, M.D.

P.S.,  Even if you’re already moving down the path of implementing an EMR system, you need this book – the advice it gives on managing that project and garnering buy-in from your team is invaluable!  The number one reason systems projects fail is people – this book will teach you exactly how to get them on your side, and keep them there from initial planning all the way to final roll-out and beyond.  Critical stuff that you need.  So order today!





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